Instablogging: Quick Content Creation

Instagram and Pinterest, have quickly become my favorite social media sites.
There has been quite a buzz this week about the mobile photo apps. Socially Sorted  calls these apps the “latest publishing platforms.”

Brands are leveraging IPhone app, Instagram, and virtual pin-board, Pinterest, as a way to visually represent their brand  through quick content creation. Both of these programs are aesthetically  appealing and different from Twitter and Facebook, which rely on written status updates. Although pictures can be added on these social media sites, it’s not their main appeal.

PR Couture describes the publishing platforms as “Instablogging.” Perhaps this is why it’s become a hot topic among the “Gen-Y” demographic. It’s instant, creative and easy. Personally, I prefer using Instagram because of the eye-catching photos that tell a story. Plus, with all the editing features you get to be an “artsy” photographer meets graphic designer.  Now, many people primarily update their Twitter and Facebook though the Instagram app.

Pinterest has created buzz among “millennial” consumers. Similar to Mashable,  I didn’t understand  the hype, until I got invited. It is addicting. Pinterest is savvy to make the site “invite only,” heightening their exclusivity. Everything from recipes, fashion, products and DIY ideas can be explored.  The point of difference is really the shift of focus to a tangible item: food, fashion, products — different from Facebook which thrives on personal lives.

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